Standard Membership

Ye Amphibious Ancients Bathing Association membership is open to adults and all children over the age of 5 years old. Currently we offer 3 membership categories: Adult (£80), Junior (£70) and Learn to Swim (£60) Standard Memberships. An Adult Standard Membership is for a swimmer age 17 years or over and our Junior & Learn to Swim Standard Memberships are for children aged 16 years and under.

The annual membership charge is due on joining the club and renewed thereafter in February each year and includes SASA membership. The SASA registration fee provides insurance cover for both members and the club and also allows the swimmers to compete in all types of Open Water Championship events.

Membership Level:
Optional Indoor Training:
Join Online

Once you have successfully downloaded and completed your membership application please make payment to our Treasurer via cheque before Friday 28th February. Once our Treasurer has received your membership request you may be invited to attend a swimming assessment. For further information on our membership selection policy please download our membership application flow chart.

Indoor Training

To supplement your membership, we currently have a Friday night training session at St John's RC Academy which starts at 6.00pm and finishes about 8.00pm.

Our indoor training fees are based on 12 monthly installments which are collected via a bank standing order. Or you may pay online via PayPal. If you wish to create a standing order, you should complete the below standing order mandate form and return it to your own bank or set up a new standing order mandate if you use online banking.

Outdoor Training

All members are encouraged to take advantage of our open-water summer training provision at Broughty Ferry Harbour at no extra cost. Please note that access to all non club members is at the discretion of the management committee.

Annual Membership & Training Fees

Learn To Swim Junior Adult
Standard Membership £60.00 Standard Membership £70.00 Standard Membership £80.00
Training Fees £114.00 (12 x £9.50) Training Fees £139.00 (12 x £11.58) Training Fees £160.00 (12 x £13.34)
Total £174.00 Total £209.00 Total £240.00

Temporary Membership

Some swims of our swims may be open to the public. This means anyone can enter, without being a member of YeAABA. Entrants must however still be members of SASA in order to meet insurance requirements. In this scenario, the swimmer may apply for a temporary SASA membership which currently costs £10. This temporary membership entitles the member to take part in a single SASA swim if they are not currently affiliated with SASA in any way. If you wish to apply for temporary membership, please download and complete the form below. Please be aware that an individual may only apply for temporary membership twice in a given year.

Please refer Membership inquiries to Stewart Halliday by email: