Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do you have to be a club member to swim the Tay under the auspices of the club? 
A All swimmers must be members of a club that is affiliated to Scottish Swimming for insurance purposes. 

Q Do I have to provide my own boat? 
A If you can. The club have limited boats and engines so entries will be taken on a first come first served basis.

Q Can I wear a wet suit? 
A No, wet suits are not permitted under club rules. One costume / Trunks / one cap and goggles.

Q Where can I find SASA Open Water rules? 
A Please find the SASA rules and how they differ from FINA rules by clicking here

Q What is the swimming distance from Tayport to Broughty Ferry? 
A All swim distances can be found on the entry form and calendar on the website.

Q Where do you train and how often? 
A We train at Broughty Ferry Harbour from April to September. Training times are also on the website. No training on days when Championships are on. We also train during school term times at St John's High School Dundee From August through to June

Q What is the cost of joining the club? 
A Details are on the membership section of the website. 

Q I do not live in the UK can I swim in your championship events.
A Yes you can provided you are a member of a club in your own country which is affilated to your countries national swimming body. 

Q Can I come along on the day and just join in any Championship event
A No all entries close one month before the swim. 

Q If I arrange my own swim across the river with out the support of the club what do I have to do? 
A It is not advisable and you would do so at your own risk. The Harbour Master needs to be consulted.

Q Can I have access to the committee meeting minutes?
A Due to the sensitive nature of the contents of the committee meetings, we cannot automatically upload a copy of the minutes every month and make these available for download. You you wish to see a specific minute, the secretary may be able to provide you with an edited copy at your request.