Rules and Regulations

YeAABA Open Swims are run under SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association) rules, which closely match those of FINA. Closed club swims are run under a sub-set of the SASA rules, which allow for rules surrounding breast stroke entrants. 

SASA Rules can be found at the following URL:

On top of the SASA rules, the club imposes extra rules for swimmers and crew. Briefly, the main swim rules are:

  • Ensure that you are a fully paid up member of YeAABA before the closing date of the Championship, also that you comply with the age requirements.

  • Make sure that the entry form, fully completed, along with the full entry fee are received by the closing date. Late entries will not be accepted.

  • The swimmer providing own, two person boat crew must ensure they have SASA insurance registration, be competent Boat handlers/Lifesavers and aged sixteen years or more on the day. Proof may be asked for.

  • Each boat crew must provide a Flag Alpha, whistle, survival bag/blanket. The Flag Alpha must be clearly displayed at all times the swimmer is in the water, (but must be taken down, in the event that the swimmer retires). Failure to comply with this condition WILL result in disqualification.

  • If the accompanying boat is unable to keep close to the swimmer, because of weather conditions or any other reason, the Referee will order the swimmer and crew to terminate the swim on safety grounds.

  • The swimmer and crew are entirely responsible for all the equipment, personal belongings and the safety and cleanliness of the boat, for the duration of the swim.

  • In the event of retiring/abandoning a swim, the accompanying boat must be returned to the Broughty Ferry Harbour.

  • All swimmers are to wear only one regulation costume and are permitted to wear two swimming caps.

  • First time entrants are advised to have completed a one mile open water swim, either in training or competition during the six months leading up to the Championships. Entries are only definitely accepted after this condition has been complied with and reliably vouched for.

  • All swimmers, boat crews, safety boat crews, officials and any other person directly connected in any way with the championships, must report any injury sustained, no matter how small which happens during the period of the championships to the swim convenor as soon as possible.

  • All entrants, boat crews and others are expected to attend the briefing meeting.

  • failure to attend this briefing by the entrant will result in disqualification from the championships.

  • In the event of adverse weather conditions, the Members of the Committee present have the right to cancel the event or re-arrange it to a self-navigated triangular course in the big harbour (Beach Crescent). annual trophies and medals will be awared as normal.