Discovery Mile

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Championship Discovery Mile
Distance 1 miles - Tide Assisted
Date of Swim Saturday 25th of August, 2018
Time of Swim 15:20
Entry Cost £20
Closing Date Saturday 11th of August, 2018
Eligibility All Welcome
Age Groups

Junior - 13 to 16 years in year of swim.

Senior - 17 years and over in year of swim.

Tide Ebbing
Stroke(s) Freestyle
Briefing Briefing will take place in the upstairs in the Discovery Point at 14:30. There are toilets on the premises. After the briefing, swimmers will make their way to the start of the course
Start Swimmers will enter the water from the a ladder over the wall near the Bridgeview Station Restaurant, forming a line facing down-river. The race will start by lowering of a flag and by the sound of a whistle or loud-hailer. You will be advised which at the briefing.
Course This is a self-navigated point to point swim on the ebb of the tide finishing at the slipway behind the Discovery Point. The swim is being run under Fina and SASA rules.
Finish By touching the buoy deployed before the exit slipway. N.B. A swimmer finishing, but missing the "touch" due to tidal conditions will be accorded a certificate but no official time or place in the race.
Costumes Traditional costumes must not extend beyond the end of the shoulder onto the upper arm and lower than the crotch onto the upper leg. This swim includes a wetsuit category, in which wetsuits/ body suits are allowed. Two swimming caps may be worn. Costumes shall be in keeping with SASA regulations
Presentation Presentation will be upstairs in the Discovery Point following the swim. The following Categories will be awarded:


Junior Boys Championship

Ian D. Hunter Salver

Senior Gents Championship

Alistair Johnston Salver

Junior Girls Championship

Ian D. Hunter Salver

Senior Ladies Championship

Barbara Johnston Salver

In addition to the annual awards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each category will be awarded a unique 'YeAABA Discovery Mile' medal in Gold, Silver or Bronze. All finishers will receive a personalized certificate.